Loud & Bow Ltd.

Loud & Bow was founded in 1985 with the purpose of exploiting new techniques in information technology to improve productivity and quality in the delivery of large commercial systems.

Loud & Bow has sold its products and services to customers all over the world, to all sectors of industry, government and financial institutions.

The Company has grown to become a respected supplier in its field, with a high reputation for quality and service.

In March 1995 Loud & Bow decided to close its head office, and to use publicly available switched telephones, together with publicly available software running over the Internet on distributed PCs, to implement a Virtual Company. The savings have been very substantial.

Based upon this practical experience of using emerging techniques in our own business, together with the experience of our key people, we believe that we can offer a unique service to those organisations planning to do business and conduct government in the 21st century.

Loud & Bow has used it's vision and technological expertise to put together a major virtual organisation which has minimal overheads and great flexibility. This enables us to combine the benefits of a large company with the speed of reaction and quality of personal service that is usually only associated with very small companies.

Loud & Bow can be contacted by:

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